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 I l l u s t r a t i o n s

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Medallion Series
Energy Series
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Structural Integration

Structural Integration is an original form of transformational bodywork that takes a systematic approach to balancing an individual’s physical structure in relationship to earth’s gravitational field. The Ten-Series is a set of ideas which serve as a foundation for the exploration of space, balance, flexibility, and strength that encompass the process of Structural Integration.


The Ten-Series

These images are a visual exploration and expression of the many layers of relationship one can experience in the Ten-Series. The illustrations serve as detailed maps to the intentions and goals of the individual sessions of the Ten-Series and to Structural Integration as a whole. As such, they can help both the client and practitioner understand, strengthen, and enjoy the Structural Integration process. Although “the map is not the territory,” the Ten-Series Illustrations contain some of the most vivid visual ideas ever presented to help understand the process of Structural Integration.

Perhaps the most telling comment ever said about the illustrations came from a three-year–old girl. While lying on the table towards the end of a session, she looked over at the 10th hour Energy Series illustration, and exclaimed, “That’s me! That’s what I look like!”


The Artist

Christopher Carson is an advanced practitioner of Structural Integration, an artist, an architect, and teaches both Yoga and TaiChi. He lives and practices in Amarillo, Texas.



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