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About Buddy



How did you become involved in the practice of Structural Integration?

I first became involved with Structural Integration while working as a Colorado Outward Bound Instructor. I spent a lot of time ferrying a heavy backpack through the mountains, and after a few seasons, my back was killing me. A friend recommended Structural Integration and I found that a ten-series took the pain away. I continued teaching with Outward Bound, got into doing Yoga, and kept getting more SI sessions. After a few more years with Outward Bound, and a subsequent knee injury, I realized I needed a change. I come from a family of doctors, so the healing arts have always been a big part of my life, and I felt compelled by the art of Structural Integration to make it my life’s work. I studied with Emmett Hutchins and Peter Melchior at the Guild for Structural Integration, located in Boulder, Colorado, and graduated as a basic practitioner in February 1997. I went back to school to study with Peter, Nilce Silvera, and David Davis, and graduated as an advanced practitioner in August 2002.

  I’ve had Structural Integration practices in Atlanta, Georgia (1997-99), and in Virginia, in the cities of Amherst, Lynchburg, and Charlottesville (1999-2001). For over three years, I’ve practiced in Boulder, Salida, and Crestone, Colorado, and currently have offices in Salida and Crestone. My practice includes working with people of all ages, from infants to seniors, and animals, including dogs, cats, horses, and the occasional pet snake! I can work with most medical conditions. Some insurance accepted. Please contact me for a free consultation. 

Buddy Frank
PO Box 787
Crestone, Colorado 81131

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